About Our Pastors

About Pastor Francis & Oyinloluwa Eseh

As the Senior Pastor, Francis Eseh's journey is characterized by a unique blend of academic excellence and a divine calling. With a background in Business Administration and financial consulting, he has brought his skills to the service of various companies. However, his true passion lies in answering God's call to restore hope to the hopeless. Through his ministry, he has witnessed miraculous interventions across Africa, Europe, and Australia, magnifying the greatness of God.

On this faith-filled journey, Pastor Oyinloluwa Eseh stands as the co-founder and a visionary force. Holding degrees in Accounting, she has graced various organizations in Nigeria and South Africa with her expertise. But it is her heart for helping others that have made her an integral part of our ministry. With a passion for serving and a focus on assisting schools and NGOs, she brings compassion and warmth to those in need.

They are proud parents of three wonderful children - one daughter and two sons, who bring joy and blessing to their lives.

Founders Of MICC Church


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